The Outro & The Intro

Well it sure has been a challenging 2020 for all of us..the kind of year we are glad to put behind us…BUT. There were some positives to take from the experience and lessons to remember going forward. I hope to be doing both in 2021, and I hope you will join me every Sunday at noon CET  on VIB radio  […]

Mister Philly Does Live Radio

Adding new fans and sponsors and very grateful for all the great reviews and comments on my Luxury Lunch program Sunday’s on VIB Radio (12-14:00 CET and Midnite to 2AM) For those who missed lunch I invite you to click the link and follow what you see in the pic above. You can hear 60+ hrs of tasty tunes from […]

Mister Philly’s Luxury Lunch

I am very proud to announce that I am now entering my 4th month as’s newest DJ and the audience for my Luxury Lunch show every Sunday (12-14:00 CET) is growing! In fact my show and the station is becoming so popular that we’ve been added to 2 (free!) music-streaming apps, “Juke” & “TuneIn”, available at Google’s Play Store  […]

Mister Philly Does Radio !

After a 20 year hiatus from doing regular weekly spins at the DJ desk of Q radio World Music, “Mister Philly” returns to radio with his new 1hr. program featuring selected songs from his extensive personal playlist of “Motivated Music” on VIB Radio, The Sound of Luxury. (Available online and thru TuneIn app.) Tasteful, mood lifting, soul pleasing jazz, pop, […]

Welcome Fans & Friends…

  This year marks the start of Mister Philly’s  3rd decade in “showbiz”! If you’ve visited me here before you will notice that there have been some changes made to the site. The old one was great but we’ve decided to keep things simple and thus the new theme. We hope you like! If you came here to book Mister […]