MisterPhilly’Live’@Paradiso Amsterdam 2023

Dear Friends and Fans,

As you all know, I took a year’s sabbatical from hosting radio shows for vibradio.nl in order to pursue some personal goals and fulfill some family obligations as well as just to chill and recharge. And I must say it did me ( and my wife!) a world of good.

Among the highlights since posting last ..I’ve performed to a packed house in Amsterdam’s legendary pop palace..The Paradiso. I also sat in with local keyboard legend Roger Happel and the Candy Dulfer Band at the iconic Club Dauphine, hosted the Amsterdam Independent Film Festival for the 6th time…Oh and I met another music legend, Ms Christine Wiltshire who toured for years with Luthor vanDross and was the vocalist singing Doo dah Dooh ..on Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side”. Christine is amazing..and such stories!

So that has been a real and unexpected pleasure for my wife and I…and speaking of…

We’ve kept busy with new DIY projects including the restoration of a van we can now travel the world in.

But now the year has drawn to a close and I will be returning to host more Night Vibes for all you internet listeners, beginning Friday night, 12 January at 10pm Central European Time…and running til midnight.

It will be Mister Philly’s Night Vibes 2.0 with some new features and hours and hours of new tunes  from across genres, only for night people, so I hope you tune in to listen. And by the way..it’s commercial free!

I’d also like to mention that I will be continuing my quest to support local talent ( as has been my lifelong habit!) so if you have an original or a cover that I can find on YT, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud..and want some ” airplay” then just DM me on my FB page Mister Philly

If I like it, I’ll spin it and say awfully nice things about you..Promise!

So, that’s the update..Thank you for visiting and listening and if you get a chance, tell a friend.


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