Mister Philly @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

If you read my post from January you know that I moved on after 3 years of internet radio hosting and once again picked up where I left off before the plague came upon us back in 2019…performing “live” for music lovers & party goers. Lately I’ve been playing the big city with several gigs under my belt in Amsterdam, including the recent 55th anniversary celebration at Paradiso, Amsterdam where I got to sing My Way in remembrance of my good friend, the late great co-founder of that famous pop palace, the legendary story teller Willem de Ridder. I’ll be uploading a video soon but in the meantime I just want to say that with offers on the table already and a bit of luck I may be performing in a club or famous venue near you in the not too distant future..so do check back to read the updates here on site.

Bless you and thanx for visiting!

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