Mister Philly Does It 2x Weekly!

Mister Philly's Night Vibes

Chances are that if you’re visiting this site it’s because you heard me on VIB Radio , probably thru our  live internet stream or on one of the several popular music streaming apps like TuneIn that we are listed on. Or perhaps you caught some of my promo’s on social media…

While you’re here I hope you look around and havalissen to some of my demo’s at the right of the page..some are from my “live”in the VIB studio performances on the “Toastje Caviaar” program our station manager presents every Friday afternoon from 16-18:00 CET which you can also watch “live” 

( You can see highlights of our shows posted on our Youtube channel.)

We at VIB have been very busy these last months relocating to nicer digs and a remodeled studio..we’ve added new listeners across the globe an especially here in the Benelux..AND we’ve added new DJ’s and programs, polished our playlists and ..this is the best part, added new sponsors.

One of those new programs I mentioned is mine.. So besides continuing with my regular “Luxury Lunch” programs every Sunday which air at noon CET I shall be presenting “Mister Philly’s Night Vibes” every Friday night from 10 til midnite. A “night music” program for “night people”. Not a luxury lunch..more like an after dinner mix of your favorite sip of something strong, and maybe a smoke or a “vape” to go with, which will help you dance like no one is watching before going to bed, (hopefully, with each other..)

For those of you feeling lonely in these isolating times, just know that I will be on air 2x weekly to keep you company, on Sunday afternoons and Friday nights. And I look forward to comforting you by spinning what I consider to be the best mood enhancing melodies from across genres and around the world. In fact, I’m the most genre fluid host on radio!

Thanks for you time and attention..( and good taste !)




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